Reduced Water & Energy Usage

Eco Wash collection
On average, denim brands use up to 7600 litres of water to produce ONE pair of jeans. That’s only in the supply chain, not including washes once you purchase your jeans.
Our Eco Wash collection uses up to 80% less water in the laundry process than traditional methods. The washes are friendlier to the environment compared to traditional denim washes, and the organic cotton and elastane-mixed denim ensure a soft hand feel and stretch capabilities are preserved.
Black Jet Collection
Using Jeanologia e-Flow technology, we have been able to create a jet black jean with minimal fade properties. This technology is the sustainable solution to transfer chemicals onto garments of any fabric. Conventionally, water is used in this process and, at the end of every cycle, that water, full of toxic chemicals, goes to waste. This solution means that just the right amount of air from the atmosphere become the carriers for the fabric dye, achieving the highest quality of garment with minimal water waste.
The Black Jet collection is also our first range using recycled polyester. By using recycled instead of virgin fibres, up to 40% less energy and up to 95% less water is used. This process re-spins old polyester that would potentially go into landfill.

Choosing recycled fibres helps to keep plastic from going to landfills and our oceans, and our latest Black Jet technology means your jeans blacker for longer, helping towards our fight against throwaway culture - win win!