Fashion Revolution

On the 6th anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster, where 1134 lives were lost in the biggest garment factory accident in history, we champion the Fashion Revolution demand for customers to ask brands #whomademyclothes.
Rana Plaza was an eight-storey building which was designed to house shops and offices and was not structurally strong enough to support the weight of the factories and machinery that actually used the space. Shortly before 9am on 24th April 2013, the building collapsed injuring over 2000 and killing 1134 people.

Much has changed since that fateful day in the fashion industry, thanks to Fashion Revolution. Helping to educate brands, suppliers and consumers on the importance of safe working environments and paving the way for a more transparent supply chain, remembering there are people behind the clothes that we wear.

Monkee Genes supports Fashion Revolution as we share the same values and want to make important changes in the industry that we work in. Our mantra is our promise to the people who make our jeans, and to the people who buy our jeans. Throughout our supply chain, from the organic cotton pickers, to myself writing this now, we are all paid a fair wage, work in a safe environment and we are all working towards a better fashion industry.  As one we can take a stand, but together we can make a difference!  #JoinTheRevolution



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