You Asked, We Listened - Plastic Free Mailing Bags!

You Asked, We Listened - Plastic Free Mailing Bags!

Sustainability is trending...

Monkee Genes has always been passionate about people and the planet when it comes to our product, raising awareness for ethical production and a more sustainable way of working in the fashion industry. We are committed to being a relevant and sustainable denim brand and this extends much further than the physical product, so we asked the question.. Is there more we could – and should – be doing when it comes to reducing our environmental impact?

In October 2015, retailers in England were required (by law!) to introduce a charge for all single use plastic bags, following on from bans already in place across Scotland and Wales. The move sparked national conversation about single-use plastic and wider discussions into pollution. The UK government has since reacted, introducing bans on plastic straws, cotton buds and drink stirrers in more attempts to tackle the problem.

Brands need to join the battle against plastic, especially with more and more consumers choosing to shop online. Many of us are guilty of an online shopping spree, with plastic bags within plastic bags landing on your doorstep, but what happens to those bags? Your new wardrobe is hung up ready for its first outing but the plastic bags end up in the bin, destined for landfill.

You asked, we listened…

It’s a conversation we have had many times with our customers, happy with their sustainable denim purchase but saddened by the amount of protective plastic involved in getting it to them. It is an issue that our team grew passionate about, searching high and low for an alternative that worked for us. It was time to take a stand and bring our own shipping methods in-line with our product… Introducing our compostable delivery bags

Let’s break it down…

Out with the old and in with the new, our new compostable bags are the perfect alternative to the standard courier bags, with no compromise on the durability and security of the standard plastic bags you’re used to, and a huge step for sustainability. Made from a bio-resin, they are designed to break down rather than sitting in landfill for a lifetime. And thanks to the double glue line seal you are able to reuse them!


There’s lots of jargon in the world of sustainability, sometimes it’s hard to understand all of what’s going down! Many brands have adopted biodegradable packaging, but what’s the difference? Are these terms interchangeable? The answer: they’re not the same! In fact, Biodegrable plastics are rarely recyclable and just aren’t what they are cracked up to be, taking much longer to disappear and, in some cases, are unable to fully breakdown.

So, what more can we be doing?

It’s time to ditch the disposables. Nowadays there is an eco-alternative to most things so there is no longer any need to participate in the throwaway culture we have become custom to. From reusable coffee cups and tote bags, to bamboo straws and tooth brushes – we can all start somewhere.

Remember that convenience is costly. Do your research and make the switch to sustainable!

We’ve switched to compostable mailers, so next time you order make sure you check out the new packaging and let us know what you think!

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