Ways To Wear with Sam Way

Ways To Wear with Sam Way

Sustainable fashion doesn't always mean you have to fill your wardrobe top-to-toe in ethically produced products. Of course, that's the utopia, but here at Monkee Genes, we know it's not always possible to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe when you are trying to follow a climate change saving movement. That's why we've taken a new spin on this season launch, it's not about what to wear, and more about "ways to wear" it.

We've teamed up with a collective of artistic individuals and asked them to capture themselves in the ways they like to wear our organic and ethically produced Monkee Genes. From Musicians to Creative Directors, Models to Influencer's, over the coming weeks we'll be sharing the inspiring stories behind each of these creative individuals style stories and delving deeper into the mantra behind their personal sustainable journey and how they’re taking steps forward to make others aware.

It's the start of an exciting journey, that's taken us around the world, from the streets of NYC to the Scottish shores of Loch Lomond. Kick-Starting our "Ways to Wear" campaign, is the incredibly talented and soulful singer Sam Way.

On a dusky Sept eve, we met Sam for a pre-shoot soiree at our photographer Garcon Jon's book launch hosted at Rizolli, 300 on 4th Street, NYC. Surrounded by a sea of stylish people, the audience was living up to the iconic New York Fashion Week vision of fearless individuality. 

As we chatted all things life and plotted out our path for the shoot day ahead, the synergy between Sam and the Monkee Genes mantra was clear from the outset. Living and breathing our mindset is one thing but being able to convey it and influence others to follow suit is quite exceptional.

It's the first time Sam has ever collaborated with an ethical brand that truly does have sustainability at the heart of it's mission. In his own words, Sam said; "It's been an incredible opportunity to work with Monkee Genes and shoot with Garcon Jon, who's a technician in his trade. I'm proud to be working with a brand that are doing things differently and it's the beginning of a collaboration that will grow in conjunction with the sustainability movement - for that I cannot wait!" 

Through music and personal style, Sam is using his knowingly blessed position to lead others on a journey to a more sustainable and breathable world. Where conscious decisions are made with care for one’s self as well as others, in turn, giving the beautiful planet we live in today longevity so it can be shared with each other and our future generations.

During our next “Ways to Wear” series, Sam will be talking us through his edit, favourite pieces and personal style.

You can shop the Sam edit now here and follow Sam’s personal journey over on his IG here.

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