Waste Not, Want Not – TRAID and Tackling Disposable Fashion

Waste Not, Want Not – TRAID and Tackling Disposable Fashion

At Monkee Genes, we are committed to making quality denim and apparel collections, carefully sourced and consciously made. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is important; they are a staple piece of your wardrobe that most of us will wear on repeat. But what happens when your perfect pair gets replaced, and your daily denim pick becomes a forgotten favourite in the pits of your wardrobe?

We have partnered with the charity TRAID to bring new life to these forgotten favourites, supporting their work to reuse clothes and keep them in use for longer.

Research by TRAID has revealed that 23% of Londoners’ clothes are unworn. That’s equivalent to 123 million items of clothing sitting in our wardrobes when someone else could be wearing them!

Figure 1: Figures and Statistics reported by TRAID

By supporting TRAID’s 23% campaign you can help extend the life of these clothes, and it’s so simple! All you need to do is book a free home collection and they’ll pick up any unwanted or unloved clothes direct from your door.:https://www.traid.org.uk/23collect/

Giving new life to your unworn clothes is a great step to towards sustainability in the fashion industry, and encourages more conscious consumption. We want to end the disposable attitude of highstreet fashion and help close the loop, reducing landfill and encourage industry and consumer-wide recycling and reusing.

The amazing work by TRAID and the 23% campaign means you’ll be reducing your carbon, waste and water footprint, making significant environmental savings, all whilst supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12 https://www.traid.org.uk/23percent-un-sustainable-development-goals/ ) to ensure more sustainable consumption and production.

Not heard of the UN Global Goals? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Agreed by the UN member states, they are an important and visionary set of targets for the future health and sustainability of our planet. For the Global Goals to succeed, we all need to take note and take part.

By doing your bit and taking part in TRAID’s campaign you’ll learn more about the carbon, water and waste savings you are making, giving you a clear understanding of the hugely positive impacts of extending the life of your clothes.  Actor and activist Emma Watson has already got behind the campaign on social media already inspiring thousands of Londoner’s to take part and delve into their wardrobes.

Figure 2: Instagram @emmawatson

Passing clothes on to TRAID will not only make you a more sustainable consumer, you’ll also be supporting more sustainable production in the fashion industry. TRAID commits the funds raised from reusing your clothes to projects benefitting the people and places making our clothes. Projects like training thousands of cotton farmers to stop using hazardous pesticides and turn to growing organic fibres, bringing huge benefits to their health, environment and incomes.

To learn more about TRAID, or to book your free home collection visit


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