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About Us

Organic Flex Collection from Monkee Genes

Ethical jeans made by people who care

Monkee Genes is Simple.

Monkee Genes was created to bring out true rhythm from your natural sensitivity.

We achieve this by using carefully sourced fabrics made by people who care because they are being cared for!

The Monkee Genes design, when all the ingredients are added in, evolves into a piece of clothing which you can't wait to put back on.

Looking after your body and soul; this is the natural evolution of jeanswear, this is Monkee Genes!

Phil Wildbore, Owner and designer of Monkee Genes

Monkee Genes was born in 2006 out of the frustration of the denim market, to offer something fresh vibrant and youthful. Disillusioned with Primark and other disposable high street fashion, the Monkee Genes team decided to raise public consciousness.

Innovative fits and styles in top of the range fabrics, classic denim with a retro twist and luscious sateen cottons in pop art inspired colours.

In today's fragile environment Monkee Genes is the independant label to watch: on trend, affordable and with an eco and ethical conscience.

Fast forward to 2017 and Monkee Genes is gearing up to embark on a whole new adventure. With a solid new partner we have the strength to become the ethical and organic jeanswear powerhouse we always wanted to be.

Keeping our ethics and working practises we are working towards a new and prosperous future for Monkee Genes, and hopefully all those work with us and work on our garments.

New lines are available now, our freshest collection yet. We have organic denims and sateens made in Indonesia, our exclusive Organic Flex range is made in Turkey and our apparel range is made in India. All factories are regularly visited by Monkee Genes and we are very proud and happy with our working relationships with these great facilities.