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friends of Monkee Genes

We are pretty friendly here so have lots of Celebrity Monkee Genes fans... 


Jared Leto 

30 Seconds to Mars & Monkee Genes

Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars wore the Skinny babycord Monkee Genes in Plum to the MTV  Europe Music Awards

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance wearing Monkee Genes in their Planetary (GO!) Video... GO, GO, GO!


America Ferrara

America Ferrara & Monkee Genes

The Ugly Betty star, stopped by one of our stockists, Swish, in Edinburgh and picked up some Electric blue Skinny Monkee Genes.

Lucozade and The James Cleaver Quintet 

Lucozades summer 2011 advert campaign, features The James Cleaver Quintet rolling down a hill playing a cover of the Feeder track, Buck Rogers. Some of the band are wearing Monkee Genes in the video and haven't stopped since...

check out 0.43 seconds in and catch a flash of our Monkee Genes logo! 


Monkee’s Helpers

Monkee would also like to mention some long-time friends who have helped us over the years…

Chris Webb – Photographer

Chris has been our photographer for x years. He’s worked on a several seasons life-style shoots, some examples can be seen below. Chris started out as a documentary photographer in London and has gone on to work for a variety of clients. You can see some more of Chris’s work at his photography portfolio site. Chris also owns a wedding photography company, My Best Day.

Chris Webb Photography 3

Chris Webb Photography 1 Chris Webb Photography 2


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