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soi Fit and Fabric Guide

Monkee Genes sizes to UK equivalent

UK Size 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18
Monkee Size 24" 25" 26" 27" 28" 29" 30" 31" 32" 33" 34" 36"


Bamboo Collection

Bamboo Light Blue Denim JeanThe Bamboo Collection is made from tensile natural fibres giving a much softer and more sensual feel to cotton based fabrics. Because of the greater tensile strength of eucalytpus the fabric is more 'recoverable' and therefore suffers less from deformation.

This means that over time your jeans will be less likely to lose their original shape from stretching.

These materials are also much less susceptible to fading through washing. The want is that your bamboo collection jeans become the one you love and has the longest life.

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 Inky Denims

Inky Black Organic DenimTo produce the depth of colour Monkee Genes are known for, we double dye the material before making the jeans. This differs from the standard method of 'over-dyeing' pre-made garments which is highly destructive to the fibres.

Our process means that each jean is manufactured with the colour in mind and ensures those colours remain rich and consistent. The care that is taken in the making of this jean gives the Inky range a hand crafted appeal.

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 Twill Jeans

Classic Skinny TwillOur twill materials are 'combed' to give a soft and sensual feel.

The material used to make these jeans is 'piece dyed' to ensure that each jean is manufactured with the colour in mind, this also ensures rich and consistent colouring. This differs from the standard method of 'over-dyeing' already made garments which is more destructive to the product than stone washing. Over dyeing can also produces a bland and limp product.

With piece dyeing, the overall result is pure.

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Our sateen is piece-dyed: along with the thread and zip tape. This process results in the equivalent of food made in a good restaurant rather than a takeaway over-dyed soulless product.

Manufacturing in this way is also less destructive to the cotton fibres than the over dyeing method. The overall effect is vibrant.

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 Brushed Sateen

Brushes Sateen Slim Fit JeansThe brushed sateen is the same as the Sateen above, but with the additional process of brushing the fabric, which gives a warmth and a soft texture to the sateen.

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Classic Skinny

TRed Skinny Jeanshe Classic Skinny fit has a mid rise and can be worn low slung or a higher fitting retro 50s style to emulate and highlight your figure.

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Supa- Skinny

Classic Skinny TwillThe Supa-Skinny has a lower rise than the classic skinny. The curved waistband moulds into the nape of your back. The secure feel of your own contour feeding your energy.

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Slim fit chino

Slim Fit ChinoThe Chino Fit has been developed to hang well but with a degree of recoverable stretch. Our chinos come in two different weights: autumn weight and lightweight. Both weights are similar in design but the autumn weight utilises a thicker cotton material for extra warmth. If the sun shines wear your lightweight, need to feel cosy grab your heavies.

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Slim fit

Slim Fit JeanThe Slim Fit, like the classic, is a higher rise than the supa. It is slightly fuller in the thigh and wider in the hem. A 50's 'Wild One' vibe.

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Skin fit

Monkee Genes Skin Fit

Skin Fit jeanThe Skin-Fit envelopes the whole shape of the body like a second skin. Unlike leggings and jeggings the Monkee Skin Fit is a constructed garment and gives you shape. It is sensual and evolves your rhythm.

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