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soil association certified jeans

Monkee Genes has worked hard to weld a partnership with the Soil Association and in 2008 we were awarded with the Soil Association certification. Theirs is the logo which we display proudly on every certified organic jean.

The Soil Association ethos means all factory working standards are vetted and considered as important as the environmental factors. This involves each and every stage of the process being examined, from the cotton growth and picking to the content of the label and button.

The Soil Association, who are already associated with the organic food movement, championed by brands such as Green & Blacks chocolate and Yeo Valley dairy products. Formed in 1946, The Soil Association charity exists to promote organic farming methods, which provide a sustainable alternative to intensive farming. The ethos has been extended to the whole production process; from the growing of the cotton, the working conditions in both farm and factory to all possible environmental issues.

Organic clothes and textiles have become increasingly popular in the last decade. When textiles are certified as organic it means that both the production of the fibre on the farm, and the processing of this fibre into textiles has met organic standards and been checked at every step of the processing supply chain for social and environmental responsibility.

There are several reasons why organic textiles are kinder, cleaner and better:

• Organic fibres are grown without the use of harmful pesticides or genetically modified organisms so promote a healthier farm and environment.

• We don’t allow harmful manufacturing chemicals in organic textile production, so its better for local wildlife, animals and people.

• Social conditions are high in organic textile factories, and organic cotton production can help farmers find a way out of poverty.

• Animal welfare is at the heart of organic systems, so is better for animals growing our fibres.

• Our organic textiles don’t contain allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemicals.

• Organic cotton is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre.

• It benefits cotton producers and the environment in developing countries by avoiding the harmful effects of toxic pesticides, and the reduced cost of production improves social conditions.

• Consumers in the UK also benefit from garments that are manufactured without the use of thousands of toxic and carcinongenic chemicals.

• By contrast the non-organic cotton industry is a huge source of global environmental pollution, using almost one quarter of all the world’s insecticides and 10% of pesticides, social conditions for cotton growers can be poor, with poverty, health problems and suicide common, and thousands of chemicals are used to turn raw material into clothes, towels, bedding and other items that we put next to our skin every day.

We are also proud to hold the G.O.T.S: Global Organic Textiles Standard. This is an organisation who monitor the ecological and social responsibility of companies using organic fabrics.

Find out more about The Global Organic Textile Standard

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